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Hello, Kansas.

Hello, Kansas. SAM is coming to visit you! In case you don’t know us yet, we are the Serve America Movement. A political organization forging a new path to provide Americans a real alternative to the Democratic and Republican parties and to steer our country in a direction designed by the people, for the people.

Zach Colby • January 4, 2018

SAM Welcomes Our New Field Director, Zach Colby!

To say that SAM’s mission, and what we intend to achieve, are a challenge would be putting it quite lightly....

The SAM Team • January 3, 2018

Featured Leader – Kristin Gray

This months’ featured SAM Leader is Kristin Gray, for the dedication and service she’s already shown on behalf of the...

Drisana Hughes • December 21, 2017

An Example For My Kids

I grew up in Melvin Village, New Hampshire, a town whose population in the most recent census was 241 people....

Alisson Kolodner • May 8, 2017

Creating Something Better

On January 21, 2016 my life forever changed. On that day I became a father. I was overwhelmed with love...

Andrew McConnell • May 3, 2017

The Courage to be Corrigible

I am proud of something that is both very difficult to do, and critical to the success and flourishing of...

Brandon Patenaude • April 28, 2017

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