"Seek not the Democratic or Republican answer, but the right answer."





Inspire and Elevate the Dignity of Fellow Citizens:

  • Restore civic engagement, long-term thinking, and a culture of service to Nation and community
  • Heal divides and foster ties through constructive, evidence-based public discourse, free of insult or intimidation
  • Recognize a fundamental obligation to provide for those in need or at risk while promoting a culture of responsibility
  • Commit to bold, pragmatic solutions that address income and opportunity inequality and reinvigorate our education system


Defend Our Liberties:

  • Champion diversity and protect people’s inalienable right to pursue their version of the American dream without question or interference


Embrace America’s Entrepreneurial Spirit:

  • Embrace the efficiency of free markets as the foundational backbone of liberty and American prosperity
  • Promote free trade, attract the best of the world’s talent, and reject policies of retreat or isolationism
  • Harness the power of technological innovation to modernize government and deliver practical and targeted solutions to our common needs
  • Create tax systems that are simple, transparent, fair, and free of market-distorting incentives


Achieve Peace Through Strength:

  • Ensure that the guardians of our domestic and national security always have the tools and support they need
  • Advance American leadership and security and support human rights and democracy around the world


Invest in Future Generations:

  • Meet our Nation’s needs and challenges in a manner that is fiscally responsible and limits burdens on future generations
  • Protect the planet for future generations while leveraging our natural resources to drive economic growth