A Call to Action: Veteran Perspective

You’ve heard stories from several individual veterans this past week; but, in total, we are a much larger group of veterans representing all branches of the military that stands behind the Serve America Movement (SAM).

We affiliate and serve through SAM because these problems affect every American from every background in every state in our great country. We share this belief because in the military we’ve learned that the mission and challenges one faces do not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, rank, religion, economic background, or sexual orientation. We also know it takes a strong team to provide the service that our nation and its ideals demand. The team is strongest when all who volunteered to serve are aligned behind a shared mission and committed to doing their part to achieve it.  Today, that mission is to forge a new political path through reasonable discourse backed by fact and reason, compromise, and pragmatic solutions for all.

We know what it means to serve a cause far more important than one’s own and we view SAM as our own continuation of these efforts, long after we’ve left the uniform and service behind. Service requires sacrifice–often in the form of time and money–but there is no outcome more rewarding than working towards a clear mission to change things for the better.  There is no better goal than for us all to serve and strengthen our nation–exactly what SAM aims to do.

You’ll undoubtedly hear from other groups within SAM in coming weeks equally critical to our efforts–firefighters and law enforcement, educators, machinists, media specialists, bankers, journalists, and more. Ours is not a monopoly on service. An effort as monumental as this requires all of us to do what we can and employ our talents wherever possible. We support SAM, we live its principles and mission, and we encourage you to find ways to plug into and give to SAM, no matter how small.

We look forward to serving again–this time alongside each of you. Join us!


Veterans of SAM

David BalistreriFormer US Navy SEAL, Operation Enduring Freedom veteran
James Coker- Former US Army Aviation Officer, Operations Iraqi and Enduring Freedom veteran
Greg Dieterich – Former US Army Infantry Officer, Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran
Zachary Iscol – Former US Marine Officer, Operation Iraqi Freedom
Kyle Hathaway – Former US Navy Intelligence Officer
Michael Kolodner – Former US Naval Submarine Officer
Martin Peters – Former US Army Infantry Officer, Operations Iraqi and Enduring Freedom veteran
Mark Philllippe – Former US Marine Corps Officer, Operation Enduring Freedom veteran
Joshua Riojas – Former US Army Officer, Operations Iraqi Freedom and Unified Response (Haiti)
Dan StephensFormer US Army Infantry Officer, Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran
Aaron Turk – Former US Naval Flight Officer, Operation Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom veteran
James Waters – Former US Navy SEAL Officer, Operation Enduring Freedom veteran
David Wells – Former US Navy Intelligence Officer, Operation Enduring Freedom veteran

Our views are our own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Department of Defense or the United States Government.

This post was written by Brooklyn Brothers.

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SAM is building a new political party for a new majority. Our goal is to break the self-interested stranglehold of the two entrenched parties and give back power and voice over our future, and our country, to the people.

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