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Parkland: Why a New Party is Necessary

Long before the Parkland massacre most Americans agreed that mass shootings were intolerably frequent. After Parkland the sentiment has reached...

SAM Contributor • March 20, 2018

Let’s Have Facts, not Fiefdoms

Politicians have divided Americans into polar opposite fiefdoms to make their jobs and being reelected easier. As a result, not...

Corey Jones • March 28, 2017

Rise Up Together

My grandparents fled Cuba in 1961 when Castro’s dictatorship took hold of their beloved island. Even as 80 year-olds, they...

Suzanne Truchard • April 1, 2017

Thoughts From the Heartland

On May 4, 1970, a sixteen year old (intellectually sophisticated by Clyde, Ohio standards, but pathetically naïve) froze in horror...

Mary Mashburn • March 21, 2017

For Love of Country

I was born in Connecticut, to Lebanese parents who had left Beirut and were looking for a new place to...

Hagar Chemali • May 14, 2017

An Example For My Kids

I grew up in Melvin Village, New Hampshire, a town whose population in the most recent census was 241 people....

Alisson Kolodner • May 8, 2017

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