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Have a Beer With Me

Or coffee. or a soda. you get the point—it doesn’t matter, just sit here and let’s talk for a few...

SAM Contributor • April 12, 2018

Featured Leader – Kristin Gray

This months’ featured SAM Leader is Kristin Gray, for the dedication and service she’s already shown on behalf of the...

Drisana Hughes • December 21, 2017

Centrist Democrats begin pushing back against Bernie Sanders, liberal wing

The high-profile stars of the Democratic Party’s populist wing have steered the agenda their way on Capitol Hill this year,...

Drisana Hughes • September 4, 2017

Let’s Have Facts, not Fiefdoms

Politicians have divided Americans into polar opposite fiefdoms to make their jobs and being reelected easier. As a result, not...

Corey Jones • March 28, 2017

Rise Up Together

My grandparents fled Cuba in 1961 when Castro’s dictatorship took hold of their beloved island. Even as 80 year-olds, they...

Suzanne Truchard • April 1, 2017

Boomers, Wake Up!

They won’t let us geezers watch cable news on the TVs at the gym anymore. Too many fights are breaking...

Dale Williams • April 4, 2017

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