Hello, Kansas. SAM is coming to visit! In case you don’t know us yet, we are SAM. A political organization forging a new path to provide Americans a real alternative to the Democratic and Republican parties and to steer our country in a direction designed by the people, for the people. Over the last two years, we’ve seen those in power take every opportunity to divide us as a country. SAM stands as a beacon for inclusion, providing a shared foundation on which to build a new political home for those who feel left behind by a political system that puts its interests ahead of those of the American people. We choose to focus on common beliefs that make us more alike than on policy and extremism that divides us. SAM was founded on five core pillars: dignity, liberty, entrepreneurship, strength, and commitment. These pillars guide our every action. As a native Kansan, I made it very clear to the organization that we in the Sunflower State are a principled people and that these values ring true from Olathe to Goodland. For that reason, we’re beginning our People Up Platform in Kansas first. Kansas politics are unique and oft-misunderstood. In the current political climate, it’s easy for folks to feel disconnected. Headlines in the Wichita Eagle, Hays Post, and KC Star clamor for change, but what gets done? Up until now, nothing. As a fellow Kansan, I have to ask, do we want to continue watching the Koch brothers pull strings in Topeka? Are they really fighting for the people’s needs? Our needs? We want to bring the conversation to you. Our team will be visiting cities across the state to listen and learn. This begins from the ground up. We’re traveling door to door to have honest conversations everywhere with actual Kansans to hear what it is you really want for your families and for the country. It doesn’t matter if you lean left or right, we are all Kansans and it is our duty to take care of one another. See you soon. Zach Colby Field Director (and native Kansan) SAM.