Like almost every woman I know, I am someone that wears many hats. I am a mom to my four children (ages 11, 9, 7 and 5) and a wife to my husband of 15 years. I am a small business owner; I spend summers working in youth development at a summer camp; I am a dedicated runner; I am a reader; I am a darned good cook; and for the past 15 months, I can proudly call myself a political activist, and a founder of what will soon become the most important political movement in America: SAM. I never thought I would get involved in politics and for most of my life it didn’t seem like something that was necessary, but it has become increasingly obvious though that our government has broken down entirely. The two parties have become so extreme and they have stopped caring about what is best for our country, seeing bipartisan compromise as the ultimate form of weakness. Conversations have turned so vitriolic that the only thing that can be heard is each side screaming at the other, and no one is willing to work together to get anything done. I have spent the last year asking nearly everyone I come across the exact same question: Ten years from now, do you think the Democrats and Republicans will put America in a better place than we are today? In the few hundred times I have asked that question, not a single person has said yes. Think about that. No one thinks the Republicans and Democrats will lead America to a better future. The majority of our country feels like they aren’t being heard, but it has become increasingly obvious that the Republicans and Democrats simply don’t care to listen. We deserve better than this, we are better than this. This is why I say the time for action is now. Because while every woman I know wears so many hats, we must add one more. We cannot sit back and watch while this stranglehold on our country continues to not work, because our future, and the America that our children will inherit, depends on us stepping into the ring and acting. SAM is the answer we all need. SAM is a new party being built from the ground up. We are actually on the ground, listening to what Americans have to say. We promise to put the needs of the American people over the special interests and extreme voices that are currently shaping the debate. SAM is building a party by the people, for the people, that will work to solve actual problems, not just add more anger to the vitriolic fires. Join us today, and add your voice to SAM’s to help shape the conversation of America’s future.