On Tribalism

Once upon a time tribal loyalties turned Beirut, Lebanon’s beautiful, cosmopolitan
capital, into an urban wasteland back in the 70’s; tribal loyalties catalyzed almost a
million deaths in a just few months in Rwanda in the 90s; tribal loyalties are now
turning Aung San Suu Kyi, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, into an enabler of ethnic
cleansing right now in Myanmar.

The earliest days of imperialism thrived on the fact that the best way to divide and
conquer was through creating “countries” riven with tribal differences. Not that they
were immune. Even today in modern America we see people heavily involved with the
acts of tribalism. Over the past few decades, the enduring, complicated divides of
ideology, geography, party, class, religion, and especially race have now mutated into
something deeper, simpler to map, and therefore much more ominous. This could easily
be dubbed as the rise of “political polarization” or the rise of “political violence”, but
that would just be too easy to write off.

Today’s form of tribalism comes in the form of two coherent tribes, eerily balanced in
political power, fighting not just to advance their own side but even to provoke,
condemn, and subdue the other into their viewpoints. The two parties have become so
entrenched in this tribal mentality it cannot possibly yield benefit for the country as a
whole, its counterintuitive, emotionally repulsive, and its time for this to change.

The SAM Team

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