The People Are Speaking About American Politics (and They’re Not Happy)

This post was written by Reed Galen.

Reed Galen is a national political consultant, writer and owner of Jedburghs, LLC, a boutique public affairs consulting firm. A veteran of three presidential campaigns, the White House and political efforts across the country. Reed is recognized as an expert on campaign strategy, voter trends and political media and is a regularly featured commentator in national, regional and local press outlets.

January 9, 2018 // Article

November 2016 saw the two most unpopular major-party nominees in American political history face off for the presidency. By the time Americans went to the polls, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton combined for a disapproval rating above 100%.

Some of this was due to the candidates themselves. Some of this was due to the idea that, in a country of 320 million people, these were the best candidates the Republicans and Democrats could come up with. A lot, though, was due to the fact that neither major party is impressing American voters.

Times, in this regard, have not changed. According to a Gallup survey out this week, in 2017, 42% of Americans are self-identifying as political independents, up three points from 2016. Neither the Republican nor the Democrat parties reach 30% approval among voters.

According to a Monmouth University survey out last week, only half of Americans believe the American political system is sound. More than 80% of respondents said the Founders would not approve of how American government operates today. Most importantly, these feelings cross party and ideological boundaries – left, right and center all believe we can and should do better in our politics and governance.

Why does this matter? Because we are starting to see that Americans are looking for a different political path. Neither party is addressing the major concerns of the country in a meaningful or productive way. Now is the time for groups like SAM to step up and provide that new home voters are looking for: a home based on collective solutions to our most pressing problems, not scoring cheap political points in hopes of winning the next election and pushing a purely partisan agenda.

If this message resonates with you, we invite you to tell your family, friends, neighbors and colleagues about SAM, what we’re doing, and why it’s so important that they sign up today.

It starts with the people.

— Reed

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