SAM, The Serve America Movement, endorses Michigan redistricting reform measure

Voters Not Politicians Initiative Will Put Michigan Voters’ Voices First


Today, SAM, the Serve America Movement, announced its support and endorsement for Proposal 2, Michigan’s Voters Not Politicians redistricting reform measure that will appear on this November’s General Election ballot.

“Redistricting reform is one of our key electoral reform priorities,” SAM CEO Sarah Lenti said. “What the Voters Not Politicians campaign has done to bring Proposal 2 to the ballot is an excellent example of how a citizen-led and volunteer-driven effort can bring real change to our political system. It is time to do away with the partisan gerrymandering that has led to increased political polarization and allows politicians to choose their voters.”

SAM is a 527-organization with the mission to break the self-interested stranglehold of the two party monopoly over our politics and build a new political party for a new American majority.

“Our grassroots campaign has built support from across the political spectrum, and we are thrilled to count SAM and its members among our endorsements,” said Katie Fahey, founder and executive director of Voters Not Politicians. “It’s clear that Michigan voters are ready to challenge the status quo to make sure voters choose their politicians – not the other way around. We look forward to partnering with SAM to continue to grow our grassroots power to make sure every voter in Michigan knows to vote Yes on Proposal 2 on November 6.”

This fall, Michigan voters will vote on Proposal 2 to reform how the state draws its legislative boundaries. The measure will:

  • Create a balanced, impartial commission that includes four Republicans, four Democrats and five unaffiliated voters;
  • Establish clear criteria for map drawing and prohibitions on partisan gerrymandering that favors one political party or candidate;
  • Prevents those with the most blatant conflicts of interest from drawing the maps, including politicians, lobbyists and their employees;
  • Provide for a completely transparent process with open meetings, public records and heightened requirements; and
  • Provide fair and effective representation for all Michigan voters.To date, SAM has recruited thousands of members and hundreds of leaders across the country. “The excitement and enthusiasm we’ve found across the country for a new political option gives us reason for optimism,” Chief Strategist Reed Galen said. “Americans are looking for new and better ways to participate in the political process. SAM will provide that for them in the short, mid and long term.”

SAM’s goals for 2018 and beyond include:

  • Obtaining ballot access in states across the country
  • Advocating for and supporting electoral reform measures across the country, including ballot measures that
    • End Partisan Gerrymandering
    • Repeal of “Sore Loser” Laws
    • Reform and Strengthen Campaign Finance Disclosure
    • Give Voters More General Election Choices
    • Expand Voter Registration and Voter Access
    • Remove Unnecessarily High Barriers to Ballot Access by Independents and New Parties
    • Implement “Top” Four Primaries Utilizing Ranked-Choice Voting
  • Recruiting and supporting candidates for political office who put people before party and are dedicated to finding objectives-based solutions to the country’s biggest problems.

To learn more about Michigan’s Voters Not Politicians and their campaign to bring reform to Michigan politics, please click here. To learn more about SAM, please click here.

The SAM Team

This post was written by The SAM Team.

Our team is made up of several determined and talented individuals looking to change the face of American politics—for the better.

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SAM is building a new political party for a new majority. Our goal is to break the self-interested stranglehold of the two entrenched parties and give back power and voice over our future, and our country, to the people.

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