IMPORTANT NEWS: SAM is taking a big step forward… 

We are excited to announce that SAM is officially joining forces with the Forward Party and the Renew America Movement as one combined organization, called Forward.

Our mission to build the new kind of party America needs continues, now with even more friends working together. Please click to review our full statement on this news and learn more about SAM’s leadership role in this newly formed coalition.

Colorado has a long, rich history
Of doing things our way.

We have been a leader for independence and freedom led by our wild west, can do attitude. Colorado is a different kind of state and it deserves a different kind of party. The truth is we have been left behind by our elected officials who are beholden to the ideological mandates of their party. The simple fact that we only have two major parties is the problem. We have been stuck without another option for too long.
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SAM Colorado is different in many ways.

We support responsible and results-oriented leaders across the political spectrum who are committed to work across party lines and implement evidence-based innovative public policies to address those concerns. Most importantly we do not have any ideological litmus tests or party pledges other than respect, civility and teamwork. Instead, we use an inclusive, transparent, and bottom-up process to identify the key concerns of local residents.

Be a part of SAM &

help bring real choice to Colorado.

If you’d like to help support our growth in the West, please sign up below. Whether that’s helping with signature gathering, hosting a small get together, or just wanting to stay informed of our progress, we need you!

We believe candidates and elected officials should commit themselves to objective and verifiable standards of transparency and accountability.

At SAM we support candidates who listen to their constituents & work for the best solution for the country, not a party.

We are looking for independent candidates to run in local, state and federal elections in Colorado.

Colorado deserves elected officials who will seek input from a multitude of sources regardless of party, and who will vow to work together with colleagues on all sides to find the best possible solutions.