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SAM Endorses Guy Furay For Congress

American Party Nominee Seeks to Represent CD4

October 4, 2018

SAM announces its support and endorsement for Guy Furay, the American Party of South Carolina’s nominee for the state’s fourth congressional district.

“Guy Furay embodies SAM’s principles and priorities,” SAM CEO Sarah Lenti said. “He knows that the most important part of running for public office is service to constituents, not special interests.”

SAM is a 527-organization with the mission to break the self-interested stranglehold of the two-party monopoly over our politics and build a new political party for a new American majority.

“The American Party of South Carolina appreciates the support and endorsement of SAM for Guy Furay’s candidacy for South Carolina’s 4th Congressional District. Guy is the kind of candidate that SAM is committed to help elect in 2018, and beyond,” said Jim Rex, Chairman of the American Party of South Carolina. “SAM and the American Party know that Americans are sick and tired of candidates who run for office with the intent of putting their party before their country and partisanship before patriotism,” Rex continued. “Guy Furay represents the change we need if we are to repair our broken political system.”

SAM’s goals for 2018 and beyond include:

  • Obtaining ballot access in states across the country
  • Advocating for and supporting electoral reform measures across the country, including ballot measures that
    • End Partisan Gerrymandering
    • Repeal of “Sore Loser” Laws
    • Reform and Strengthen Campaign Finance Disclosure
    • Give Voters More General Election Choices
    • Expand Voter Registration and Voter Access
    • Remove Unnecessarily High Barriers to Ballot Access by Independents and New Parties
    • Implement “Top” Four Primaries Utilizing Ranked-Choice Voting
  • Recruiting and supporting candidates for political office who put people before party and are dedicated to finding objectives-based solutions to the country’s biggest problems.

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