Politicians have divided Americans into polar opposite fiefdoms to make their jobs and being reelected easier. As a result, not many people are happy in either fiefdom, and the people they represent become entrenched and feel unable to leave, because their fear of the other fiefdom outweighs their unhappiness in their own. Our politicians feed this fear and ensure this divide by oversimplifying complex issues, constantly debating parts of the issues where people cannot agree, while avoiding parts where we can agree, and thus never reaching a useful outcome.

Instead of a useful outcome, people retreat to their trench and battle over their beliefs. But if we agree to disagree in principle on beliefs we will never agree on, and instead commit to agreeing on facts associated with those beliefs, then there is a tremendous opportunity for us to implement commonsense solutions. I know that because we aren’t as divided as our politicians would have folks believe. However, we, right now, live in an “either or” world where the people are divided, the choices are slim, and the outcome usually hurts all of us.

For all these reasons, the creation of SAM provides a benefit to Americans. SAM proposes to do things differently. SAM is an entrepreneurial political movement created to connect with disenfranchised Americans through bold ideas, pragmatic policies, and principled values. SAM presents no earth-shattering new idea, but instead commits to always put people over party. SAM’s focus is on people coming together with a mindset of agreeing on facts that will lead to a solution for a country we love.

We can all agree that Americans are multifaceted, making it all the more obvious that Americans don’t fit nicely into two polar opposite buckets. Americans need more buckets. The more buckets that exist the harder it is for centralized parties to control politics, so one can see why more buckets are not in a party’s best interest. But, America did not become a great nation putting parties over people and country, but instead it became a great nation by diverse people coming together and putting their country and fellow person first. Americans need leaders guided by the timeless principle that we’re more united by our common beliefs and values than we are divided.

I understand human complexities firsthand: I am a Black, Roman Catholic who grew up in a small working-class town in South Louisiana. So when politicians talk about not retraining people who lost jobs in factories, I think about how our community was nearly destroyed when a factory called Martin Mills closed down.

When politicians denigrate religious people, I think about the fact that there is nothing more important in my life than God.

When politicians talk about people achieving success because of their hard work, and others needing to work harder to achieve success, I think about friends who had to work while attending school, whose parents worked multiple jobs, and who wanted nothing more than to be successful. However, they were almost predestined to fail because their district only had a broken public school for them to attend.

Every American has stories like these to tell, and it is one of our greatest bonds to one another. I truly believe America’s greatest days are ahead of it if we the people relinquish our passiveness towards politics and take action. SAM is driving a movement led by the people to demand change. SAM is not asking for you to join and be passive members, but is asking you to roll up your sleeves and join others in working for the change you know will lead to a better America.

The SAM Team

The SAM Team

SAM Contributor