As a newly registered, unaffiliated voter in Connecticut, I will cast my vote on election day for Danielle Chesebrough for first selectman of Stonington.

Danielle’s website states that she believes in “collaborative leadership” and is an “active listener [who] takes into account different perspectives, applies research and creates actionable plans to deliver results.” This is not mere campaign rhetoric. From personal experience with Danielle when she was on the Board of Finance, I know it to be the truth. “Actions speak louder than words.”

Of equal importance, I will vote for Danielle because of her courage, despite being endorsed by the Democrat Party, in declining to join the party and running, instead, as an unaffiliated or independent candidate. I believe our democracy needs a new generation of citizen leaders, grown and nurtured at the local level, who reject the divisive practices and ideologies of the Democrat-Republican duopoly and pledge, instead, to transparency, accountability and the pursuit of common-sense solutions arrived at collaboratively through tried-and-true problem-solving processes. Danielle is that new kind of leader.

Scott Muller
Stonington (CT)

This letter to the editor originally appeared in the Westerly Sun.

Scott Muller

Scott Muller

As a founder, I want SAM to be a beacon to a new generation of leaders. For too long, our politicians and the two dominant political parties have found safe places in the wrong places. I want to change that by helping to create a new party which will not be beholden to the extremes and will be able to govern for the real majority.

I have a clear sense of the contribution SAM can make to the work being done by countless others and a commitment to make that contribution matter.