We're on a Mission

We are out to undo the corrupt incentives that have
broken our current political system by:

Recruiting And Supporting Candidates And Elected Officials Who:

  • Freely serve their constituents with no “party line” loyalty tests to hold them back
  • Are judged on their efforts to forge lasting, common-sense, consensus solutions to the biggest issues facing our country
  • Adhere to specific commitments of transparency and accountability, including term limits
  • Faithfully seek to represent the views of their constituents regardless of party, consistent with their individual consciences and judgment
Recruiting And Supporting Candidates And Elected Officials Who:
Refreshing Our Political System So That It Can Be

Refreshing Our Political System So That It Can Be

  • Responsive to its constituents
  • Open and accessible to everyone who wants to participate
  • Empowering to people — not parties, their most extreme candidates or their special interests

And we have a Vision

We imagine an America where every person – regardless of origin or circumstance, race or religion, gender or orientation – experiences the places they live and work and learn and play as safe, secure, peaceful, just, stable, prosperous and free.

And we believe our elected representatives should focus relentlessly on what matters most and are judged on their commitment to forging common-sense and sustainable solutions

This will:

Deliver a secure future for the next generation with:

  • A safe and sustainable environment
  • A sound economic foundation that avoids leaving massive debts to future generations to repay
This will:

Enhance our economic and values-based leadership by helping

  • Address the challenges of income, opportunity and wealth inequality
  • Provide our citizens with reliable access to quality healthcare
  • Educate our citizens to succeed in a rapidly changing world
  • Rebuild and modernize our deteriorating infrastructure
  • Assure that our local communities are safe and vibrant
  • Implement balanced immigration policies