Our Party

What is SAM?

We're not red. We're not blue. And we're not purple. We're SAM.

We’re creating the new political party for the millions of Americans who are tired of choosing between the lesser of two evils. We’re made up of people who’ve been betrayed by their tribes and are brave enough to build something better.

America’s a diverse place and we don’t always agree on everything. Neither do SAM members. But we share a set of universal principles and one ultimate goal: to fix a system that has been corrupted by the mainstream parties and the people who prop them up.

Only then can we begin to tackle our toughest issues with sincerity. To move ourselves forward. And to live up to what it means to be America.

No matter what labels you may have used in the past (or the ones you still do), if you’re tired of black and white choices in this brilliantly colorful world — welcome home.

Why a political party?