Our Party

The New Majority

There are more of us than we realize. And our new majority cannot be ignored.

Our vision isn’t just possible. It’s inevitable. 61% of Americans want a new party that works for them. We’re all just waiting for a place to go. SAM is building that new party — from the people up.

Our new majority cannot be ignored. The faster we unite under a single banner, the sooner the political machine will stop rewarding the tiny (but noisy) extremes. They’ll have no other choice — we’ll be upending a system that they’ve corrupted to serve themselves.

Millions of Americans who no longer identify with their partisan tribes are ready to stand up and be counted. And when we do, we’ll shift power from an impulsive minority to a grounded majority.

The momentum from this historic shift in power will allow us to build a new national political party. In all 50 states, from dog catcher to president, SAM will run candidates who care about the issues you care about.

This is how we put power back where it belongs: into the hands of the people.

And this is how one new party will fix everything.

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