The SAM Party welcomes Howard Schultz’s announcement that he is exploring becoming a candidate for the 2020 presidential campaign as an independent. SAM is a new political party created for the millions of Americans who feel abandoned by the current two-party monopoly that incentivizes parties to be more concerned with fighting for partisan advantage than with solving problems for the American people. The chairman of the SAM Party, Scott W. Muller, said, “We wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Schultz’s statement that, ‘…both parties are consistently not doing what's necessary on behalf of the American people and are engaged, every single day, in revenge politics.’ We look forward to learning more about Mr. Schultz’s ideas and welcome a fresh voice that challenges the two-party extremes.”

There are those on both sides who reject the idea of any independent candidate entering the race because they claim a vote for an independent candidate is not only a wasted vote, but one that will result in the election of the other major party’s candidate. We at the SAM Party reject this outdated thinking because it fundamentally fails to understand that a growing majority of Americans is seeking independent, common-sense alternative candidates as well as a political party that can counter the dysfunctional and hyper-partisan politics of its Democratic and Republican rivals.

Now is the time for Americans to support an independent candidacy like the one Mr. Schultz is exploring, and to demonstrate by their numbers and their voices that challengers that come from outside the current two-party monopoly should no longer be treated as “spoilers.” Rather, these challengers are representative of the mainstream and majority of American voters.  

The dismal results produced by today’s two major parties and the political climate they have created should be a wakeup call to seek and visibly support new ideas and new approaches from outsiders like Mr. Schultz. Standing up against misguided and failing institutional thinking has been a hallmark of American democracy.

  • The SAM Party’s goals for 2019 and beyond include:
  • Obtaining ballot access in states across the country
  • Advocating for and supporting electoral reform measures, including ballot measures that
    • End partisan gerrymandering
    • Reform and strengthen campaign finance disclosure
    • Give voters more general election choices
    • Expand voter registration and voter access
    • Remove unnecessarily high barriers to ballot access for independents and new parties
    • Implement “top four” primaries and utilize ranked-choice voting
  • Recruit and support candidates for political office who put country before party and are dedicated to finding evidence-based solutions to the country’s biggest problems

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The SAM Team

The SAM Team

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