Unrig the System

More Choices, Better Choices

Allow more parties and candidates onto our ballots.

Ah, the ballot. That most sacred tool of American democracy. It’s the only tool we have to select our leaders and make decisions about how we organize our shared lives.

And in America, we’ve got lots of people with lots of ideas. So you’d think that when we go to vote, our ballots would be filled with options that reflect the best of those people and the brightest of those ideas. So then, why does it feel like we’re left choosing between “the lesser of two evils” over and over...and over again?

Well, there’s a reason. For over a hundred years, two dominant parties have been building walls to keep competition out. Their lobbyists and lawyers have created steep filing fees, nearly-impossible signature gathering requirements, and mazes of deadlines designed to exclude anyone who might challenge them. The result? They decide who we’re allowed to vote for. This has to change.

When we tear down these walls, we’ll encourage all good, qualified candidates to run — and not just the ones the party bosses picked. We’ll finally be able to pick from more and better options when we go to vote. And we’ll make our ballots the powerful tools they should be, and our government truly “by the people, for the people.”