Unrig the System

Eliminate Dark Money

If you're going to say something, put your name on it.

Ever wonder who’s behind that nasty political ad you just watched? It said “Paid for by Americans for Friendlier Neighbors,” but what does that actually mean? If you’ve ever tried to identify who’s behind these messages, then you already know it’s impossible to find out.

That’s because the two parties have designed a shadowy system of dark money super PACs that let mega-donors poison our News Feeds, TV screens and radio waves — anonymously — then walk away from the fallout.

To put an end to these virtually unlimited and secret political contributions, we must require a complete donor list to be reported and posted online within 24 hours.

All Americans have a guaranteed right to free speech, but not to anonymity. We deserve to know who’s speaking to us — and to hold them accountable for what they say and do.