Unrig the System

End Partisan Gerrymandering

We should choose our officials — not the other way around.

Sometimes it feels like your vote doesn’t actually matter. Especially when your district votes the same way, year after year (or when Congressman Whatshisname doesn’t even bother to show up).

That’s because politicians have rigged 93% of districts to be a guaranteed win for whichever party is already in power. How? They draw the election maps themselves, around the people they know will vote for them — an obvious conflict of interest.

This makes the parties and politicians in power immune from challengers — even when they’re deeply unpopular.

How do we fix this? We take away their power to cherry-pick voters. Instead, when we entrust non-partisan commissions to draw fair election maps, our elections will become more competitive and your vote (which candidates will actually, finally need) will matter more than it ever has before.