Unrig the System

Switch Ranked Choice Voting

Stop letting losers win!

There’s a building full of losers running our government. Yes, seriously!

It’s because, in our current voting system, candidates can win with less than 50% of the vote (hint: this happens all the time). It’s how politicians with 30% approval ratings keep getting elected. And it’s why independent candidates are cast as “spoilers,” even though it’s hard to spoil something that’s already rotten.

The end result? Millions of us feel like we’re choosing between “the lesser of two evils” every time Election Day rolls around.

To choose our own candidates — and not the ones the parties give us — we must adopt ranked choice voting.

This will allow us to vote first for our favorite candidate — and then select a backup choice. Ranked choice also ensures that election winners receive a true majority of our votes (more than 50%). And that means leaders will make decisions based on the will of the people — not the party machine.