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Make voting easier

Unrig the System

Make Voting Easier

Remove obstacles to lawful voting.

It’s Election Day, and you’re ready to cast your ballot. But do you know if you’re registered? Where to go? Which documents you have to bring?

For many of us, politicians make the registration and voting processes unnecessarily difficult — imposing artificial barriers to favor the groups they want to turn out. And they strike down reasonable calls for change — like allowing people to automatically register to vote while getting their driver’s licenses — in favor of an archaic, bureaucratic process.

It is time for all eligible Americans to be able to register to vote easily. All unnecessary obstacles to lawful voting need to be removed in favor of increasing turnout. We should also allow more voters to cast their vote prior to, and on, Election Day without physically appearing at the poll or physically showing specified kinds of government issued photo ID.

When we upgrade our voter registration access, we’ll allow more citizens to have a voice in government.