SAM announces its support for ranked-choice voting and urges voters to vote “Yes” on Question 1 on New York City’s charter referendum on Election Day. The city charter is the city’s constitution, which helps set the framework for how the government is run, taxes are spent and decisions are made.

“Too often we see the political process held hostage by extremes on either side. Ranked-choice voting mitigates the power of fringe candidates and helps elect leaders that are beholden to all of their constituents, not just a select few,” said SAM Party of New York Chair Michael Volpe. “Our goal is to improve democracy in New York, and ranked-choice voting in primaries is an important first step.”

If Question #1 passes, starting in 2021, New Yorkers would no longer be forced to hold their noses and vote for a candidate they do not believe in during a primary. Instead, they can rank as many as five candidates in order of preference, helping to ensure the party representative in a general election has a broad base of support. This new rule would take effect for all primary and special elections for mayor, comptroller, public advocate, borough president and city council.

SAM is New York’s newest political party. The SAM Party of New York is working locally, starting in villages, towns and counties across all regions of New York to build an inclusive party that emphasizes results over rhetoric. Over 100 candidates across the state will be running on the SAM Party line in this fall’s elections.

To learn more about Question #1 and the NYC Charter Revision please click here.

The SAM Team

The SAM Team

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