IMPORTANT NEWS: SAM is taking a big step forward… 

We are excited to announce that SAM is officially joining forces with the Forward Party and the Renew America Movement as one combined organization, called Forward.

Our mission to build the new kind of party America needs continues, now with even more friends working together. Please click to review our full statement on this news and learn more about SAM’s leadership role in this newly formed coalition.


SAM Missouri is focused on electing thoughtful leaders that listen to their constituents, not party bosses. Given the state of both major political parties, it is time for something new and different in Missouri. The duopoly does not work and has allowed the two major parties to control our elections for too long. Missouri voters must elect thoughtful, independent leaders who represent our interests. We need leaders that understand and respect the Constitution and the rule of law.
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Independents have a real opportunity to win in Missouri. But we need your help. We are actively working to recruit viable independent leaders throughout the state to build the infrastrucure and recruit the people needed to win.

We need to get the word out and let Missourians know that now is the time. If you’d like to help support the process, please sign up below. Whether that’s helping with signature gathering, hosting a small get together, or you just want to stay informed of our progress, we need you. Our state needs you, and our country needs you. Help send a message to BOTH parties – Missouri deserves better.
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Our SAM Missouri state committee wants to find and support independent candidates for local, state and federal races. Missouri deserves elected officials that will:

  • Listen to the needs and concerns of its constituents
  • Understand how it affects Missourians
  • Seek input from a multitude of sources regardless of party
  • Work together with colleagues on all sides
  • Find the best possible solutions for all Missourians

Ways you can participate: 

Signature Collection  

We need to collect signatures and enlist volunteers now – we need lots of people out with clipboards making it happen.

SAM supporters


We need people to volunteer and contribute to growing our operations in Missouri.


We need excited, committed people to help us spread the word to voters.  This includes speaking on behalf of SAM Missouri at local events or hosting a gathering at your home.

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Even if you don’t have time to volunteer, you can make a difference with your support for independent politics in Missouri and by talking to your friends and neighbors.


We are actively seeking endorsements from current or past office holders and community leaders that believe Missouri deserves better.