IMPORTANT NEWS: SAM is taking a big step forward… 

We are excited to announce that SAM is officially joining forces with the Forward Party and the Renew America Movement as one combined organization, called Forward.

Our mission to build the new kind of party America needs continues, now with even more friends working together. Please click to review our full statement on this news and learn more about SAM’s leadership role in this newly formed coalition.



Our commonwealth is rich and diverse, both geographically and ideologically. We certainly don’t always see eye to eye and neither do SAM members. That’s why we’re building the first ever political party that starts with questions instead of top-down answers — one designed to deliver the most good to the most people. We believe that all voters in Pennsylvania should have a choice at the ballot box that allows their voices to be heard. Join us to help fix the broken politics of Pennsylvania with fresh ideas and a commitment to working together to solve our common problems.

Join the Call

Over a million voters in Pennsylvania aren’t registered with either major party. That means one in seven Pennsylvanians aren’t able to vote in primaries that they fund with their tax dollars. Sign our petition to end this archaic process and allow all voters to participate in our primary election process.