IMPORTANT NEWS: SAM is taking a big step forward… 

We are excited to announce that SAM is officially joining forces with the Forward Party and the Renew America Movement as one combined organization, called Forward.

Our mission to build the new kind of party America needs continues, now with even more friends working together. Please click to review our full statement on this news and learn more about SAM’s leadership role in this newly formed coalition.

we are ready to make a difference
because we are different.

We are not like the two major political parties. We welcome all, regardless of their views on particular issues, who are committed to governance based on transparency, accountability, honest fact-finding, problem-solving and fair, competitive elections.

We believe that all voters in Rhode Island should have a choice at the ballot box that allows their voices to be heard. We at SAM are working closely with other groups and organizations to form effective partnerships for electoral reform. Join us to help fix the broken politics of Rhode Island with fresh ideas and a commitment to working together to solve our common problems.

Rocket Ship

SAM National knows our political system is broken.

We are in need of electoral reform today!

That reform might not look the same in all states as there are different election and voting laws in every state. We are working for electoral reform and support the following:


OPEN PRIMARIES that are open to all voters regardless of party affiliation.


  The use of Ranked Choice Voting in all publicly financed primary and general elections

to help achieve this sam-ri is hard at work.

To help achieve this, SAM Rhode Island is hard at work exploring what an open primary system would look like in our state. An open primary election does not require voters to be affiliated with a political party in order to vote for partisan candidates. What that means is in many states with closed primaries, including Rhode Island, only those affiliated with the two major parties may vote. Yet all taxpayer dollars pay for these primaries. You’re paying for it but not allowed to participate…sounds pretty unfair to us!

sam Rhode Island is sponsoring this exploratory effort through the people’s primary working group 

We at SAM Rhode Island are also focused on electing thoughtful, independent leaders who represent our interests. We support candidates that listen to their constituents and work for the best solution for the country, not a party. If you want to break the duopoly and run for local, state or federal office, we at SAM want to help.

It’s time we put partisanship aside and listen to each other to address the problems we face every day.

Be a part of our movement in Rhode Island.