We are current and former Democrats, Republicans, and independents who have come together with a common goal – to fix our broken politics in Texas.

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The dysfunction of our hyper-partisan, two-party system is once again on full display in Austin and Washington, D.C. Instead of sitting down and working out sensible rules that protect the integrity of elections while making voting convenient for all Texans, the Republicans and Democrats are busy trying to game the system to their respective advantages. In the meantime, the serious problems of our State, such as an unreliable electric grid, skyrocketing property taxes and the highest uninsured rate for health insurance in the nation, are ignored.
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Join the SAM Party of Texas to stand up to the dysfunctional two-party system.

Instead of the same old partisan politics, SAM is reaching out to work with Texans who want to replace political name-calling and partisan gamesmanship with real problem-solving and build a consensus on election issues.  We are inviting Texas voters to show how we expect Texas leaders to govern. You can read the election bills currently pending before the Texas House and Senate here (LINK). If you have constructive suggestions and comments on provisions in both measures please fill out the form below.

All comments and suggestions will be forwarded to the chairs of the Senate and House committees responsible for this legislation. We believe that the common sense of ordinary Texans will find a solution that the hyper-partisans do not want to find or care to think about.

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