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Kansans have, in recent times, expressed dissatisfaction in their government.

Kansas has an increasingly diverse voter split.

It was where SAM could make an immediate impact

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Our Survey, by the Numbers

By the end of January, SAM will have completed 1,000 door-to-door surveys in Kansas and 7,000 via email. Why do

On Canvassing Kansas

We’re in Kansas right now. With the sole purpose of hearing from you, the people. “Why Kansas?” You might ask.

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SAM is building a new political party for a new American majority. One where fairness, integrity, and common sense solutions work together to achieve real progress for Americans. 

Aside from a few members on staff on a day-to-day basis to keep SAM’s mission moving forward, we are entirely driven by passionate volunteers giving their time out of their own volition. 

We depend on people like you to keep our movement alive. Whether it be by becoming a member or a SAM Leader, or by monetary donation, any contribution along our path is hugely appreciated.

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SAM is building a new political party for a new majority. Our goal is to break the self-interested stranglehold of the two entrenched parties and give back power and voice over our future, and our country, to the people.

We can’t do it without you.