SAM in Kansas.

Over the last two months, SAM has been conducting a study across all of Kansas. Going door to door, we asked over 1,000 Kansans for their thoughts on the state of local and national politics.

Here's what we learned.

First off...

Why Kansas?

Kansan politics are dynamic and varied. Citizens’ outlook on the state has been affected by poor leadership and have too often been kept in the dark about what’s happening in their own government.

This, along with factors like a growing number of Independent voters, its centralized location in the U.S., and a growing dissatisfaction for the state’s current political leadership, made Kansas a clear choice for SAM to pilot the People Up Platform, in which we let you—the people—be the actual voice behind what needs to change in your state’s political climate.

Who we are:

For all intents and purposes, we are you. We are just a group of ordinary, concerned citizens that are fed up with the way that politics, and our country as a result, have been headed over the last two years.

We believe that change is possible, but it has to start with the people. The lack or progress in Washington has largely been driven by bipartisan politics, with those in power, driving their agendas, not ours. It is our mission to listen to the people, find the commonalities therein, and then find the best political candidate to affect that change, regardless of party.

Interested in what we do and want to get involved? We are looking for volunteers in the Kansas area to help us collect signatures in order to gain ballot access and give Kansan voters more choices in candidates! Sign up to be a volunteer today!

Our study, illustrated

What it means, why it matters, and what comes next

The Gist:

Leadership matters. Across the board, when asked why they thought the state of affairs both locally and nationally were negative (if they thought that),the main driver was a lack of leadership. In fact, among those that felt optimistic about the future of Kansas politics, it is only because Sam Brownback is no longer in office. 

There’s a lot of confidence in the self, but less so in the larger community. Kansans overwhelmingly told us that they feel optimistic about their families and their futures, but much less so about the future of their state and nation as a whole.

People are fed up with the two incumbent parties. 60% of Kansans told us that, depending on the candidate, they would be open to voting for an unaffiliated candidate to represent them. 

Enter SAM:

What we heard from Kansas is why SAM exists. It means our hypotheses walking into Kansas were proven true: 1) people are fed up with local and national politics, 2) leadership and partisan absurdity are to blame, and 3) given the opportunity and the right candidate, people would be willing to go outside of their traditional partisan identities to find a better path forward for themselves and their families. 

It also means that our mission not only matters, but has never been more important—or more possible—than it is now. 

A Partnership Is Born

Taking action

Given what people have told us about how they feel about politics and the state of the nation through our travels, SAM has officially partnered with Party of the Center—an organization working to gain ballot access in Kansas to give a candidates that wouldn’t be otherwise able to win a two-party primary in Kansas.

What this means:

We will be helping the organization toward their ambitious goal of gathering voter signatures within Kansas (they need 20,000—and already have a few thousand) before the cutoff date of June 1st. With these signatures SAM and Party of the Center can work to find the right candidate for Kansas and give Kansans a real new option when it comes time to vote in the upcoming midterm elections!

Help us help Kansas!

SAM is asking our Leaders and volunteers across the state of Kansas to help us with these efforts. 

Whether you are open to hitting the streets for us, or just looking to get your friends and family sign up, we need your help. Sign up to be a SAM volunteer below!

Yes, I want to be a SAM volunteer to help SAM and Party of the Center provide real change in Kansas!

After signing up, someone from the SAM team will personally follow up with you and give you our official SAM + POC toolkit in order to help you help your state. 

We can only do this together. Will you be the change your state needs? 

Give Us Your Thoughts!

We are not done collecting data in Kansas! The next step in our People Up Platform is making sure what we heard from your fellow Kansans rings true with you as well! 

If you have five minutes, we’d love to get your input on your the thoughts provided by other Kansans like yourself. 

While you're at it, why not sign up to be a Leader or Donate to Our Cause too!?

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SAM is building a new political party for a new majority. Our goal is to break the self-interested stranglehold of the two entrenched parties and give back power and voice over our future, and our country, to the people.

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