A new party for
a new majority.

We are current and former Democrats, Republicans, and independents who have come together with a common goal - to fix our broken politics in America.

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Every other political party starts with an answer — regardless of the question. The result? We spend more time arguing than fixing things.

We’re changing that.


Our Goal

We’re ditching “politics as usual” to create a radically different kind of party: one that starts by putting your voice at the heart of the political process.

Our Party
SAM supporters

Our vision isn’t just possible.
It’s inevitable.

  1. 61%

    61%of Americans support a new major political party — the highest Gallup has ever recorded.

  2. 85%

    85%of Americans feel today’s political leaders are only interested in protecting their power and privilege.

  3. 65%

    65%of Americans feel they have no say in their own government.

It’s time to
Unrig the System.

We live in a diverse country and don’t always agree on everything. Neither do SAM members. That’s why we’re building the first ever political party that starts with questions instead of top-down answers — one designed to deliver the most good to the most people. And together, we’re fixing a system that has been corrupted by the mainstream parties and the people who prop them up.

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Who is SAM? You are.

No matter what labels you may have used in the past (or the ones you still do), if you’re tired of black and white choices in this brilliantly colorful world — welcome home.

Help us write
America’s next chapter.

We’re up against one of the most powerful and entrenched two-party machines in history — one that has corrupted our system to benefit politicians over people.

But our growing network of grassroots supporters and volunteers has already started to disrupt America’s political landscape.

Our new majority is working in all 50 states to create the system America deserves — one capable of solving the most significant issues facing our country and moving us forward together.

The entrenched parties will fight tooth and nail to preserve their power. But we have you. And we have momentum. And with our numbers, winning is inevitable. Are you in?